Oromummaa Foundation is a Humanitarian organisation established in Augusts
2008, in Amersfoort, Netherlands by Bakkaanga’aa Merga Dinssa.


The objective of the Oromummaa Foundation is to advocate for,

  • Human Rights,
  • Relief activities,
  • Socio-Cultural Development and
  • Unity of the Oromo People, at global level.


Oromummaa Foundation’s main focus is the affairs of,

  • Refugees
  • Orphaned Children
  • Prisoners and
  • Oromo Society in General

Refugees are those Oromians who languish in the refugee lives /camps of neighbouring countries of the horn of Africa/who suffer in Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan, Eritrea, Uganda, and Yemen, etc... in Refugees lives/camps, those who need economic assistance, resettlement/sponsorship processes and asylum seeker recognition in their host countries. (Asylums seeker process in countries mentioned above and anywhere/ in any others countries of the world.)

Children are those in countries mentioned above and orphaned Children in their home land Oromiya/Ethiopia, who needs assistant/especial focus for their basic needs and others social amenities like Health care, education and others rights of Children.
Prisoners /especially Political Prisoners are those prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia who
desperately need help in legal representation so that they can be free from the illegal jails of Ethiopia country that deprived their basic human rights.

Oromo Society any Oromo’s living anywhere, who thinking for his people rights and Identity.


  • The mission of Oromummaa foundation is working for: - Oromo Refugees case, Orphaned Children and Advocate for the Oromo’s prisoners in Ethiopia/especially political prisoners. Works to protect Human right abuses, supplying economical support, moral and material support by closely working with International organisations.

  • The foundation works for the Socio-cultural integration and broader communication of the Oromo people with others societies of the world by encouraging the Oromo’s people to practice well the language, culture, and others social lives of the countries where they live, sharing Oromo’s culture, identity and others social activities for others societies as well.

  • The foundation works for society Development, which concern on ideological improvements to create productive, skilled ideas and to promote new thinking and work ethics among the Oromo people. Development is the improvement of societies’ life socially, culturally, politically, economically and technologically/educationally. Ideological development is the key for all others developments. For these basic reasons the foundation will facilitate and co-ordinate conferences, seminars, workshops aimed at peace initiative based discussions among different Oromo political organisations, Oromo Communities by co-operating with others non-political organisations in order to solve misunderstandings and alleviate conflicts. Additionally the Foundation facilitates Collage/University scholarship opportunities for Oromo students.

  • To succeed the planed ideology and for the permanent solution or for the General Goal of the Foundation, Oromummaa Foundation works to organize Oromo Society at global level as a form of International Unity of Oromo Society Association (IUOSA).


  • The goal of Oromummaa Foundation is to realise the importance of Freedom, Democracy, Peace and Development in Oromiyaa, Ethiopia and in others Horn of Africans countries.
  • The foundation believes that if the people have freedom/democracy, the country will be at peace, and if there is peace, there will be development.
  • The Foundation have the vision of creating happy world.

International Unity of Oromo Society Association (IUOSA)

  • IUOSA is an Association organised under the umbrella of Oromummaa Foundation, to make fruit full the planed Ideology of the Foundation, and also to give humanity support for any others Oromo issues.
  • IUOSA has local to International activities on Oromo issues. So IUOSA could have branches in different countries of the world.

Let us do good things!

Oromummaa Foundation

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